For many of us, college was a transformative time: Jesus’ all-consuming call grabbed a hold of our hearts as we experienced the richness of life within a biblical, counter-cultural Christian community. It’s an experience and a vision we want to pass on to others—an Acts 2 church in every college town. And so, we focus on college ministry, plant churches in college towns, and encourage every one of our members to live in loving, sacrificial service and ministry.


Meet the staff of Gracepoint Los Angeles. We’re UC & Austin graduates with a passion to serve the college community at UCLA and USC. Some of us moved down from our ministries in Berkeley in 2013 as an extension of our church in Berkeley (Gracepoint Berkeley Church) with a desire to impact college students. Today, we serve alongside UCLA grads who share in this same vision.

Our Ministry Team

Gracepoint LA is led by Pastor Manny and Sunny Kim...


They have been serving in college ministry for many years, starting back in their Berkeley days, and now continue to challenge unsuspecting students to a game of ping pong and cook delicious homemade meals as they open their home to the students on the UCLA and USC campuses. Pastor Manny Kim graduated from UC Berkeley and later earned a seminary degree from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.  Sunny Kim, originally from North Carolina, also made her way to the Bay Area for College.  They have been married for over 20 years and have 2 children, Corrie (19) and Naomi (14).  In many ways it is a homecoming for Pastor Manny, who remembers walking the labs on campus as a small child, and seeing a mighty Bruins team, coached by John Wooden, play in at the legendary Pauley Pavilion. From their Golden Bear roots to now their Bruin beginnings, Pastor Manny and Sunny lead Gracepoint Los Angeles and serve with much zeal and love for many years to come.


Gracepoint Churches

We are a member of the Southern Baptist Convention and of Gracepoint Ministries. We have a vision of helping plant an Acts 2 community on every college town!