We often think of God's holiness talking about God's moral purity. However, the true meaning of holiness means being a cut above, and God is an infinite cut above us. How does God's holiness actually make a difference in our lives, and how strong is our awareness of it? We need to see God like Isaiah did in all his Holiness and as we do so, this will help us see an accurate picture of ourselves. As we measure ourselves against the holy backdrop of God, the picture of the inner workings of our heart, character, and  ultimately our sins will emerge and helps us see that we deserve God's wrath, His just response to our sin. Yet, therein lies our opportunity, not only to know ourselves more deeply, but also appreciate the mercy and grace God has poured out for us on the cross.  May we go to the cross and face the true picture of our sinfulness, and may it bring us to a greater amazement of the love and grace that God has for us.