Apostle Paul mentions that since we have this ministry by the mercy of God, we do not lose heart. There is a connection between losing heart in ministering to others and forgetting the mercy that God has given us. We can easily have a sense of entitlement, unsaid expectations and think that we are at the place we are because we are awesome. But when we remember and meditate on the fact that it's by grace that I am here, then we do not lose heart, shrink back, or not be cowardly. Let's be fueled by the grace given to us on the cross, but also this great message of the gospel and the fact that though I am a sinner, God has enlisted me in this drama and placed me in a greater narrative far larger than myself. What else about this ministry can cause us to shrink back? The fact that we have to speak the truth, confronting people about their sins and reality of heaven and hell. Let's not use flattery to win people to us, but instead preach the open statement of truth and not shy away from this message and as we do so, people will see in our lives a shattered jar of clay yet not being crushed as we showcase this great gospel message. There is an eternal weight of glory, and many people to save and as we commit to continue sharing the gospel, God will fill that gap and showcase his power working through us.